Green Initiatives 

The current market demands more services for fewer dollars. They also demand environmentally and employee safe products and equipment. Allied has been continuously transitioning a majority of our practices it uses to a "greener" lifestyle. We have recently reinvested in our "Lifestyle: GREEN" project. This project consists of many elements that we are researching/implementing to reduce our "carbon footprint" on the Earth. We have spent many resources researching the use of "green products" in regards to both chemicals and equipment. Our goal is to specifically focus on the use of either "green" seal approved products or cutting edge technology that does not use chemicals at all.

Traditionally, the cleaning industry has been seen by facility managers and the general public as a necessary expense having little social, environmental, or economic impact. Over the past decade, as attention and studies have been focused on improving productivity, morale, and economy results through the "greening" of institutional facilities, the impacts of cleaning have become more much apparent.

The social impact is that more than 4 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. The vast majority of these people are line employees, actively using the products and equipment to maintain our facilities. These workers often have long term exposure to cleaning chemicals, some of which have been demonstrated to cause both long and short term health issues.

Environmental impacts of Green Cleaning are that more than 6 billion pounds of cleaning chemicals are consumed annually. While many are necessary to effectively clean--- too many are still made from scarce, non-renewable resources.

Our goal is to cushion these impacts as much as possible to eliminate the effect of traditional cleaning. We pride ourselves on our dedication to researching and executing methods that render favorable results to not only our ROI over time, but our moral contribution to society, our clients, their employees, and our employees.

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