Diamond-impregnated floor pads are used to polish marble, terrazzo, concrete and VCT tile, permanently eliminating the need for stripping, burnishing or refinishing. Bucket less mopping eliminates the need for a mop pail and wringer, while reducing water usage by up to 90 percent.

Whenever applicable, we work to eliminate emissions by using electrical components in new equipment in place of traditional propane. The use of smaller, electric machines can reduce the amount of energy expended by up to 15% while increasing run time by almost double.

When chemicals are present to accomplish tasks, we pride ourselves on measuring systems that avoid dosing errors and helps our customers reduce waste.

More than 4 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. The vast majority of these people are line employees, actively using products and equipment to maintain facilities. These workers often have long term exposure to cleaning chemicals, some of which have been demonstrated to cause both long and short term health issues. At Allied National Services, we pride ourselves on our work to continually use safe, environmentally friendly products.  Our goal is to cushion the impacts as much as possible to eliminate the effect of traditional cleaning. We are dedicated to researching and executing methods that render favorable results and contribute to society, our clients, their employees, and our employees safety.

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